Periana is an Andalusian municipality in the province of Málaga located in the region of Axarquía, chaired by the peak of La Torca (1,499 meters), that of Umbria (1,352 meters) and Puerto del Sol (1,100 meters).

The land descends to the swamp of the Viñuela. Periana stands as a great viewpoint that dominates the beautiful area of the Axarquía region. This privileged enclave allows you to enjoy a coastal climate despite being in the interior of the province.

Currently, Periana bases its economy on the production of oil and its famous peach, considered worldwide as the best in Spain. Less than three km. from the town center there are the Baños de Vilo, an Arab spa with extraordinary waters of healing properties that sprout at 21 degrees Celsius.

  • Average temperature: 16 ºC

  • Hours of sunshine per year: 2825 hours / year

  • Altitude above sea level: 550 m.

  • Distance to Malaga capital: 51 km.

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