One of the most important Arab baths in Andalusia is in Periana

rab bath, you will find it 2, 5 Km from Periana in the village of Baños de Vilo, just over 610 meters above sea level.

Located in a privileged place, the Bath of Vilo Baths came to be considered in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries as one of the most important in Andalusia.

This spa is not characterized by a marble construction, just a pool of sculpted broccoli sculpted over a thousand years ago and the feeling of going back in time. Half hidden by the strong vegetation and the very abundant waters of its contours, the Vilo pool continues, spilling sulfuric, magnesium-calcium and nitrogenous waters at the constant temperature of 21º Celsius, specific to the skin and herpetism.

According to historians, in 1828 a building with terraced rooms was inaugurated, although due to problems related to the ownership of the Spa, its facilities gradually deteriorated until they were completely abandoned. In 1907 a storm devastates the thermal building facilities. And it is from the 90s when the City Council of Periana itself is interested in its remodeling to be recovered as a place of relaxation and enjoyment of its healing waters, since as it appears from the analytical studies, it maintains its chemical composition and Both its therapeutic properties.

Baños de Vilo is one of the potential attractions of health tourism in a municipality with a great landscape and environmental wealth that makes it unique to enjoy a few days of relaxation in full contact with nature. Which is to be appreciated since at the time, the baths in a city symbolized economic well-being and prosperity, in addition to facilitating the purification of the body before prayer as required by the Quranic precepts. Baths were a key element in the Muslim world.

In the last Legislature (2003-2007) work was carried out on the rehabilitation of the environment, construction and equipment of 5 Tourist Apartments with the financing of the Ceder and the City of Periana. Subsequently, it was transferred to a company in a Leasing regime for its tourist exploitation.

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